Seven Popular Fitness Tips

Losing weight and staying fit is something that many people have tried and all too often failed. They search and search for what key ingredient other than a change in diet and calorie reduction, that they may be missing. It really is quite simple, one of the most important things to reach and maintain your fitness goals is to stay active.

One of the best ways of not only burning calories but also building muscle is through resistance training. For every pound of muscle that is gained, approximately fifty to seventy additional calories are burnt on a daily basis. What could be more motivating to get out there and begin a workout program?

With that in mind, here are some of the latest tips that can help you to stay motivated, fit and lean:

1. Do Not Stop Moving

This does not mean that you must always be in motion, however, if you have a choice, choose the stairs and avoid the elevator, instead of walking slowly as you chat on your phone, speed walk, choose vigorous sex over slow sex, etc. There is also some great work out ideas on the Internet, check out Body Rock TV for some great motivation to action.

2. Steer Clear From the Sugars

There are many sugars and hidden sugars that should be avoided, for example over processed and sugar laden hot chocolate, instead do to your nearest health store or shop online for some raw cacao that is an excellent source of antioxidants and magnesium that help to relax and heal the muscles.

3. Eat Small Meal Portions

Meal portions, especially when cooked should be small, it is also nest to combine raw and cooked food. Cooked food on it one can cause a reactive immune response. With regular snacks and meals throughout the day that are rich in nutrients, you will help keep you blood sugar levels consistent throughout the day.

4. Enlist the Help of a Personal Trainer and a Yoga Instructor

Commit to regular classes and training at least two times a week. It is best to incorporate workouts that require intensity with short energy bursts; you really want to sweat. If you are consistent with yoga, you will begin seeing results.

5. Maintain a Healthy Immune System

A suppressed immune function causes is due to two main culprits, stress, and fatigue. It is important to listen to your body, make sure you rest and relax so you allow your body to work as it should.

6. Pay A Sauna Regular Visits

This is a great way for you to add on some extra sweat, it stimulates the immune and lymphatic systems, this is a great and healthy way to detox!

7. Scrub it Off

Never skip a good scrub, right after you work out it is important to shower. Sweat breeds bacteria, and that is not a healthy sensation on the skin. A great way off stimulating detox and blood flow as well as getting rid of toxic buildup is a good scrub in the shower.

With these seven simple tips, you are on your way to reaching and maintaining your personal fitness goals.

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